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Bryan Hiner


   Bryan earned a four year full scholarship to the University of Evansville in 1982. He played four years of   Division 1 college tennis, while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in legal administration in 1986.He spent the next six years after college competing in money tournaments in both the states and abroad, when time and budget allowed. During this time he gained valuable insight into training, diet, tournament travel, competition, and injury prevention management.

 Bryan became a teaching pro in 1987 to help supplement his tournament and training schedule. He began his professional teaching career as Head Pro at Royal Racquet Club in Clearwater in 1987, and continued to teach seasonally between Florida, the Midwest, and the east coast for the next 6 years. These clubs included.; Longboat Key Club in Sarasota, Fla.; The Racquet Club of El Conquistador in Bradenton, Fla.; Washington Township Schools Tennis Program in Indianapolis, Ind.; Youngstown Country Club in Youngstown, Ohio; Green Hollow Tennis Club in East Hampton, N.Y.

  Since Bryan's primary interest was in high level competition it only made sense that he gravitated to coaching high level junior players. He began to devote his time and expertise to high level junior development, as well as, conditioning and fitness training programs for juniors and select adults. Bryan became certified by the USPTA in 1988 and currently holds USPTA P1 (http://bryanhiner.usptapro.com ) professional certificate. He continues to educate himself on a regular basis through ongoing USPTA seminars and courses around the country.

Once Bryan settled in Atlanta in 1993 he began looking to team with like-minded tennis coaches who wanted to develop top junior players. His first job in Atlanta was with Brian Devilliers at Riverside Tennis Club. Although Riverside was small, it was very active and Devilliers had spent many years at Van Der Meer Tennis Academy. Devilliers had acquired many connections with many top junior players and touring pros. It was during this time that Bryan began to train and assist with coaching duties for Lindsey Lee. Lindsey was a top junior player in the nation in the 16's who had opted to go the pro route instead of continuing junior tennis. Over the next two year period Bryan became daily hitting partner and travel coach, when Devilliers was obligated with other duties. During this time period Lindsey rose from the junior ranks to #33 in the world without a single movement backward. Bryan coached Lindsey to her first top 10 win in Leipzig, Germany, with a win over Brenda Schultz McCarthy, who was #9 in the world in 1995.

Later that same year, Bryan stumbled upon Heath and Matt Waters who had formed a brand new small tennis academy in Norcross, GA.  He immediately hit it off with the twin brothers and became one of the founding coaches for this, later to be, top junior tennis academy in the Southeast. The primary facility was based out of Racquet Club of the South in Norcross, GA, but eventually expanded in tennis clubs all over the southern United States. Bryan and four other primary tournament coaches were responsible for developing five of the top ten girls in the nation in the girls 14's. Bryan stayed with Ace Academy from 1995-2000, during which time these additional amazing results were achieved:

  Eight juniors achieved a year-end national ranking of number one in their respective age divisions.

      Five  juniors were selected by the USTA to represent the United States in international team competition (Team USA).

 Twelve "Gold Balls" (USTA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS) were won by ACE Academy juniors in their respective age divisions.

 100% of graduating seniors have been awarded full tennis scholarships. 

Bryan went on to become a private junior tournament coach for hire. He was responsible for helping a number of junior players to reach their specific goals during the next two years and traveled to various ITF junior tournaments around the world over the course of this time.

  In August of 2001 Bryan hung up his teaching hoppers temporarily and entered the business world officially, by creating and funding, a concept full service high end salon and commercial photography studio- Haarmony Studios. (www.haarmonystudios.com). This business was a combination full service hair salon and commercial photography studio. During the course of his travels around the world Bryan had become an avid photographer and later spent a year at the Art Institute of Atlanta to educate himself on the art and business of photography. He had met his future partner (Christina Carsillo) at a Fugi Hair salon in the mid 90's and they began a hairdresser/photographer relationship and agreed to partner to form a business at some time in the near future. The vision became a reality in 2001 and still remains in business today after 10 years of service and thousands of happy clients!

Bryan had begun a love affair with Brazil in the late 90's from numerous tennis trips to South America and a number of layovers in Rio de Janeiro. Over the next 6 years Bryan would have many photographic trips to Brazil and began his first business outside the United States. He negotiated for his first apartment and photo studio in the amazing city of Rio and the idea of living and working overseas was now in progress. During the course of one of his photo trips he discovered an enormous piece of land on the beach that he knew his developer friends back in Atlanta would have great interest in discovering. During the course of the next 7 years Bryan would form and operate Brazil Tourism Investment (www.brazilti.com ) to help facilitate negotiations and purchases in Brazil. He currently travels to Brazil when clients show specific tourism or investment opportunities in Northeastern, Brazil.